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A Review of Construction and Demolition Waste Management Digital Tools
Научни трудове на УНСС - Том 1/2023
година 2023
Брой 1

A Review of Construction and Demolition Waste Management Digital Tools



Construction and demolition industry is accountable for a large percentage of all the waste streams generated in Europe. Becoming a subject of international discussions and raising public awareness has led to increasing efforts to identify methods to achieve ‘green’ goals.  This paper makes an overview of best practices and digital tools for the construction and demolition waste management in European counties which have proven themselves as leaders in the subject. The main challenges in front of Bulgaria to achieve a similar state are pointed out, together with the initial steps to be taken towards developing more optimized waste management processes.

JEL: F60, O33, Y40

Ключови думи

digital tools, waste management, construction and demolition, best practices
Свалете RP.2023.1.17.pdf

ISSN (print): 0861-9344
ISSN (online): 2534-8957